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In the wake of the inconclusive May 2010 general election Lord Adonis and other senior Labour figures sat down for talks with the Liberal Democrat leadership to try to persuade them to govern Britain together in a Lib–Lab coalition. The five day talks ultimately resulted in failure for Labour amid recriminations on both sides and the accusation that the Lib Dems had conducted a dutch auction, inviting Labour to outbid the Tories on a shopping list of demands. Despite calls for him to give his own account of this historic sequence of events, Adonis has kept his own counsel until now.

Published to coincide with the third anniversary of the general election that would eventually produce an historic first coalition government since the Second World War, 5 Days In May is a remarkable and important insider account of the dramatic negotiations that led to its formation. It also offers the author’s views on what the future holds as the run-up to the next election begins. 5 Days in May presents a unique eyewitness account of a pivotal moment in political history.

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This is a political thriller with a twist.

Times Literary Supplement

It is a book full of anger, recrimination and justice...

Total Politics

[A] fine book.


…as gripping as any Dan Brown page-turner

Choice Magazine

All Adonis’ books are important, and now is the time to read one.

Independent on Sunday

[T]here is a revelation on almost every page of Adonis’s book.

The Independent

Revelatory and quietly shocking.

The Guardian

Fascinatingly candid...

The Telegraph

If anyone is going to spend five days inside the head of anyone, Adonis is a good candidate. He is intelligent, moderate and nice.

The Spectator

A West Wing-style thriller

New Statesman

[It] challenges conventional wisdom about the forming of the coalition. Anyone who might be near the leadership of the Labour Party in 2015 needs to read this now.

Independent on Sunday

An inside account of how the coalition was formed […] It is advice the Labour leader would be wise to take.

New Statesman

[An] invaluable book on the negotiations that led to the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition.

The Observer

In 5 Days in May, Adonis has written a classic new text of political journalism.

Open Democracy
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