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How did a Conservative Prime Minister and the leader of the Labour Party come together to steer Britain to victory in the Second World War?

Winston Churchill and Clement Attlee enjoyed an unusual, even unique relationship – fierce parliamentary rivals but also trusted colleagues in the same wartime Cabinet. Despite major political differences, the two men shared much in common. Both were ambitious social reformers eager to drag Britain out of the dark days of mass unemployment and poverty. They were also united by a deep love of the English language. Churchill has long been lauded as a master of prose, but what is less well known is that Attlee was an admirable poet.

In 1940, Attlee took Labour into the wartime coalition government and acted as Deputy Prime Minister. With Churchill concentrating on defeating the Nazis on the battlefield, Attlee took charge of domestic affairs, effectively ensuring the smooth running of the country. Churchill & Attlee is the fascinating story of two men whose leadership and comradeship not only changed the destiny of Britain, but also helped to shape the future of the world.

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