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He is a most unlikely revolutionary: a middle-aged, middle-class former grammar schoolboy who honed his radicalism on the mean streets of rural Shropshire. Last summer, this little-known outsider rode a wave of popular enthusiasm to win the Labour Party leadership by a landslide, with a greater mandate than any British political leader before him.

One year on, as Corbyn struggles to retain his grip on the leadership amid open revolt from his own MPs, this new edition of the critically acclaimed biography brings the Jeremy Corbyn story fully up to date, setting out how this very British iconoclast managed to snatch the leadership of a party he spent forty years rebelling against … and how the party has rebelled against him in turn.

Engaging, clear-sighted and above all revealing, Comrade Corbyn explores the extraordinary story of the most unexpected leader in modern British politics.

Read Rosa Prince's blog entry on why Comrade Corbyn is a must-read for followers of UK – and US – politics…


“Fascinating and forensic – a real insight into the making of Labour’s accidental leader. Meticulously researched and always even-handed, this is a very human portrait of a figure who has become a byword for controversy. Essential reading for anyone who follows politics.”

Mary Riddell, Daily Telegraph

Comrade Corbyn is a real political thriller with a revolutionary ending. This is British politics’ most incredible political journey. Ever.”

Kevin Maguire, Daily Mirror

“Rosa Prince's explosive new biography reveals why the Labour leader has not changed with the times.”

The Telegraph

“Comprehensive and forensic.”


“An accomplished study and the most lucid explanation yet of the Labour Party’s present state.”

New Statesman

“A clear, well-researched and fair-minded account.”

Daily Mail

“[Rosa Prince] has described in extraordinarily close detail exactly how, methodologically, it happened that Corbyn became leader.”

David Sexton, Evening Standard

“An affectionate portrait of a man that Prince obviously thinks has landed himself in the wrong job.”

The Independent

“(An) engaging and accomplished analysis.”

Jason Cowley, Sunday Times

“Prince has produced a well- researched and balanced account of the rise of this most unlikely politician.”

The Spectator
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