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What is the role of the Prime Minister in British politics, and what determines if they are a success or a failure? Popular or disliked? Weak or strong? And how much is down to political skill and how much down to luck? How to Be A Prime Minister answers all these questions and explains why the British Prime Minister still matters in an age in which politics is more derided than ever.

Drawing on the premierships of Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron, May and Johnson for examples, this remarkable book is the definitive guide to the ups and downs of the top job in British politics.

Every Prime Minister has the extraordinary power of the office at their disposal, but is also inevitably confronted with a variety of contemporary challenges that weren’t in the job description. The demands of the job are huge. Whilst electoral performance may be the key factor, can Prime Ministers really shape events to their own advantage or are they forever dependent on the circumstances they have to deal with when in office?

This unique and extremely accessible book unpacks the mystery of the country’s most important role.

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