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‘This is more than a tale of a parochial, tired country, grown weary with a political class that had become venal and corrupt. Standing for Something is also an account of my experience as a foreign correspondent, based in New York at the United Nations – an opportunity to observe and report from a larger global canvas and to put the British political scene into some sort of context.’

Mark Seddon is best known in Britain as a leading member of the Awkward Squad, a thorn in the flesh of New Labour as editor of Tribune, house magazine of the Left, for over a decade. In that role, and as a member of Labour’s National Executive Committee, he scurried around the corridors of power, gaining a unique perspective on the activities of Blair, Brown and Mandelson – and of less familiar figures who played their part in the story of New Labour.

But his career has taken him far from the parochial squabbles of domestic politics. In 2005 he moved to the USA to set up the New York Bureau for Al Jazeera English TV, and became the network’s first United Nations correspondent, filing from New York, from Washington DC and from far beyond. He has reported from over twenty countries on four continents, presenting ground-breaking reports from such places as Syria, Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo – and from North Korea, where his unparalleled access provided remarkable reportage from what remains a hermetically sealed country.

Standing for Something is the record of an unusual political life played out on an international stage.

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