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Do you believe we should bomb our economy back to the dark ages? Carpet our beautiful countryside with bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes? Indoctrinate our kids with scary North Korea-style propaganda nonsense in order to deal with the alleged perils of ‘climate change’? Neither does James Delingpole, author, polemicist, drowner of baby polar bears.
From acid rain, food miles and the ‘vanishing’ Maldives to ocean acidification, fracking and the celebrity wankerati, Delingpole’s characteristically witty, snarky, no-prisoners A to Z presents all that is wrong, funny and downright insane about the green movement – and gives you the ammunition you’ll need to counter the great environmental myths of our brainwashed age.


Delingpole is a brilliantly funny and entertaining writer.

Daniel Hannan, Daily Telegraph

A funny and informative A-Z put-down of the green movement.

Irish Daily Mail

Beginning with style before substance, the Delingpole offering is a reader’s book. It’s fun, obviously a bit snarky, and at the end of it, the reader immediately wonders who he can share it with.

The Washington Times
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