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Michael Meacher was a hugely respected voice in Parliament and beyond. The State We Need brilliantly distills decades of research and contemplation from one of Britain’s truly original thinkers. This is the crux of politics in the West: how do we get out of a failed business model? How do we create a form of capitalism that benefits the mass of our people, not the few?

In The State We Need, Meacher offers a consistent blueprint for the future. The striking ideology of what Meacher calls “national interest capitalism” set out in The State We Need provides a coherent and detailed vision around which progressive forces might group as the first step in the replacement of the failed neo-conservative market model. Its measures press at the limits of capitalism, but will certainly be regarded as falling short of socialism. The belief is that, while the market has its proper place, the fundamental principles underpinning society should be equity, social justice, equality of opportunity, and democratic accountability. It is a rallying call that evokes a universal response. It is a fundamental change of direction which once launched knows no bounds.


[An] eminently readable new book.

William Keegan, The Observer

This is a powerful manifesto for a just nation...

George Monbiot

The State We Need is a must-read for all radicals...

Robert Skidelsky

[T]his book is a much-needed beacon of hope for a better future...

Caroline Lucas MP

Michael Meacher has observed the rise and fall of market capitalism over the past forty years and his book is important for two reasons...

Larry Elliot, Guardian Economics Editor

This is a welcome contribution to the debate about how to build a stronger, more equal Britain...

Frances O'Grady, General Secretary of the TUC

Meacher clearly explains how free-market fundamentalists through the ages have over-seen Britain’s decline but remain incapable of sparking a revival…In every other aspect his vision of an “open, empowering, participatory” state makes this a manifesto well worth reading.

Luke James, The People's Daily Morning Star

There is much to be said for Meacher's bleak diagnosis of a money-driven, spiritually desolate culture running on unsustainable principles and practices.

Michael White, The Guardian
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