A Journey With Margaret Thatcher Foreign Policy Under The Iron Lady (Hardback)

By Robin Renwick


Book details

  • Publisher: Biteback Publishing
  • Format: Hardback
  • Publication date: 7th Apr 2013
  • ISBN13: 9781849545334
  • Publisher size: Royal
  • Dimensions: 23.4 x 15.6cm
  • Pages: 336
  • Illustrations: 16 pages


A Journey with Margaret Thatcher is an extraordinary insider’s account of British foreign policy under Margaret Thatcher by one of her key advisers. Providing a closeup view of the Iron Lady in action, former high-ranking diplomat Robin Renwick examines her diplomatic successes – including the defeat of aggression in the Falklands, what the Americans felt to be the excessive influence she exerted on Ronald Reagan, her special relationship with Mikhail Gorbachev and contribution to the ending of the Cold War, the Anglo-Irish agreement, her influence with de Klerk in South Africa and relationship with Nelson Mandela – and what she herself acknowledged as her spectacular failure in resisting German reunification. He describes at first hand her often turbulent relationship with other European leaders and her arguments with her Cabinet colleagues about European monetary union (in which regard, he contends, her arguments have stood the test of time better and are highly relevant to the crisis in the eurozone today). Finally, the book tells of her bravura performance in the run up to the Gulf War, her calls for intervention in Bosnia and the difficulties she created for her successor. While her faults were on the same scale as her virtues, Margaret Thatcher succeeded in her mission to restore Britain’s standing and influence, in the process becoming a cult figure in many other parts of the world.

Henry Kissinger

“A vivid and compelling first-hand account of Margaret Thatcher’s diplomacy.”

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The Times

“An insider’s account of Thatcher the stateswoman... a book she would have loved to have seen published.”

Full review
Sir John Major

“Will be read by many people with very great pleasure.”

Full review
General Colin Powell

“Brings back many fond memories! ”

Full review
Daily Telegraph

“Plenty of good stories... lively and enjoyable. ”

Full review
Ferdinand Mount, TLS

“Renwick tell[s] the story of the Falklands in brilliantly nuanced detail...”

Full review
Total Politics

“If you want an engaging whistlestop tour of Margaret Thatcher’s foreign policy, then this book hits the spot…”

Full review
Financial Times

“Full of delicious insider detail.”

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Financial Mail

“[An] illuminating memoir...”

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Richard Ottoway MP

“[It] sparkles with personal anecdotes.”

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