We move in the highest circles of society these days, really we do. Not a day goes by when we don’t get an invite to an exclusive party or a film premiere. We thought we were pretty big news but is our star waning? In a move that has cut us to the core Prime Minister David Cameron admitted this morning that he has not read Matthew Hancock MP and Nadhim Zahawi MP’s book on how the financial crisis was caused, Masters of Nothing.

Eagle eyed political reporters Kirsty Walker (Daily Mail) and Michael Savage (The Times) delivered the news to the world via twitter:

@kirstywalker1 Cameron has just admitted he has not read Matt Hancock's book 'Masters of nothing' about how men caused financial crash.

@michaelsavage Oh dear - Cameron just told delegates at his Swedish think-a-thon he hasn't read @matthancockmp's book on men causing the economic crash

It hurts. We feel like the Frankie Cocozza to David Cameron’s Louis Walsh, when he told him the only thing big about him was his hair. Unlike Frankie we’re not going to go off the rails, or appear on Celebrity Big Brother. We’re going to do the right thing and send a copy of the book to the Prime Minister, so next time he will not have to hang his head in shame when asked about the brilliant books penned by his colleagues. Enjoy, Mr Cameron!