Yesterday we put this year to bed. Say goodnight.

The editorial team sent to print the last book that will be published this year, Greek Memories by Compton Mackenzie, the celebrated writer of Whisky Galore and Sinister Street and regarded as a literary giant and a noted man of letters.

Mackenzie had also been MI6’s man in Greece and Greek Memories contained assorted Secret Service documents and the real name of the first ‘C’. Even though that particular Secret Service chief had died nine years earlier, Mackenzie was hauled before the courts and Greek Memories was banned from publication. Mackenzie subsequently published a heavily censored edition of Greek Memories, with the controversial material removed. The original has remained banned for the past 78 years. Now, for the first time ever, the original Greek Memories is available to buy in this country.

Now that's exciting. You know, we like to go out with a bang. Take that authority. But that Secret Service chief has been dead for 87 years now - so that's OK, right?

Get your copy now of the book that was described in a Secret Service memo as having "scarcely a page... that does not damage the foundation of secrecy upon which the Secret Service is built up”, priced £14.99.