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The New Statesman presents: Exclusive book launch of Black Flag Down – featuring a riveting debate on the battle against ISIS with author Liam Byrne MP and Michael Gove MP.

Liam Byrne warns the Government must not 'dither in the face of danger’ as a ‘new age of ISIS’ threatens Britain. He makes this compelling case in a new book, Black Flag Down, which brings together two years of analysis -  frank interviews with intelligence and police officers, reports from the frontline in Iraq, and fresh, grassroots research with young British Muslims - to argue Western counter-extremism policy must rapidly change course to deal with the new threat level.  

Join the New Statesman as Liam Byrne MP and Michael Gove MP consider and debate counter-extremism, defeating ISIS and winning the battle of ideas.

This exciting event will also include a short reading from Black Flag Down and book signing from the author.

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Getting there King's College, Strand, London Anatomy Theatre, Level 6 WC2R 2LS

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