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Where We Go from Here
The Noble Liar
No Tradesmen and No Women
Sultan of Swing
Bloody Southerners
An Irrational Hatred of Everything
The Last Gunfight
Breaking News

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Rule Britannia
Glasgow 1919
With Clough, By Taylor
Nine Crises
The People's Flag and the Union Jack
People Like Us
Fighters and Quitters
Not Quite A Diplomat

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Emily Wilding Davison
The Honourable Ladies: Volume I
Ruth Davidson
The Suffragette Derby

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The Good Friday Agreement
A United Ireland
Bloody Sunday

Oh Jeremy Corbyn... View all

Comrade Corbyn - Updated New Edition
Jeremy Corbyn and the Strange Rebirth of Labour England
Ten Years In The Death Of The Labour Party
Prime Minister Corbyn

The Russian Bear View all

Orders To Kill
Inside Russian Politics
Labour And The Gulag
The Treacherous Path

Book Ideas for Sports Fans View all

When Footballers Were Skint
The Greatest Comeback: From Genocide To Football Glory
Brighton Up

Book Ideas for People in the Media View all

The Briefing
Breaking News
Shouting In The Street
Is Anything Happening?
How To Make Great Radio
Radio Moments
Getting Out Alive

Brexit Reading View all

Clean Brexit
How To Lose A Referendum
The Bad Boys of Brexit
Guilty Men
Summer Madness
British Foreign Policy After Brexit
The Brexit Club

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Call Me Dave
Power Trip
Europe In or Out
The Secrets of Station X
5,000 Great One Liners
Not in Front of the Corgis
The Purple Revolution

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British Conservative Leaders
British Labour Leaders
British Liberal Leaders
Scottish National Party Leaders

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