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Finding Margaret is the moving story of journalist and broadcaster Andrew Pierce’s search for his birth mother. As he was approaching fifty, Pierce decided that it was finally time to track down his biological mother. He knew that he had lived in a Roman Catholic orphanage in Cheltenham for more than two years and was adopted at the age of three by a family who loved and nurtured him. As his career in journalism flourished and despite feeling like he was betraying the adoptive parents who loved him so much, Pierce began to tentatively search for his birth mother, only to find that she had done everything she could to ensure he would never find her.

When he finally managed to meet her, the mystery only deepened, leading him to Ireland in search of the man who may or may not have been his father. During his search, Pierce also realises the extent of the mistreatment he suffered at the orphanage and attempts to forge a relationship with the woman who gave him away.

This candid book is a heartwarming page turner that takes the reader on an extraordinary journey. Full of amusing and arresting anecdotes, at its heart lies the inspirational story of one man’s extensive search for his birth mother and what happened when he finally found her.


“Andrew Pierce turns the tables on himself in this poignant and thoroughly entertaining journey through his life. As long as I’ve known him, Andrew has never failed to amuse.”

Dame Joan Collins

“A warm and vivid read that shows how untidy life can be but that everything can be healed with love. This wickedly gossipy journalist will melt your heart with his own story.”

Jeremy Vine

“A genuinely heartbreaking, heartwarming, heartstopping story of one man’s search to find his long-lost birth mother. Andrew Pierce’s account will bring tears to your eyes – tears of sadness but tears of joy, too.”

Richard Madeley

Finding Margaret is a moving odyssey of disappointment, yearning, seeking, detective work and ultimately self-discovery. Andrew Pierce’s crisp prose propels the reader on a perilous voyage, sometimes verging on the unbearable. Purchase a box of tissues before embarkation.”

Vanessa Feltz

“Everything that makes Andrew Pierce a brilliant reporter is present here – a gripping story, bracing opinions, emotional honesty and, of course, a big reveal.”

Daniel Finkelstein
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  • Hardback, 320 pages
  • ISBN: 9781785908743
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