• JUL 09

    Colin Yeo at Ways With Words

    • 9 - 10 Jul 2022
    • Ways With Words Festival

    How would we treat Paddington Bear if he came to the UK today? Perhaps he would be a casualty of extortionate visa application fees; or maybe he would experience a cruel term of imprisonment in a detention centre. Now he faces the possibility of being shipped off to a different country. Immigration barrister Colin Yeo exposes the iniquities of an immigration...

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  • JUL 12

    Inigo Bing at Ways With Words

    • 12 Jul 2022
    • Ways With Words Festival

    In the nineteenth century, the law concentrated on setting the legal boundaries to the social cost of progress. The twentieth and twenty-first centuries have produced new challenges that were unknown to Victorians and Edwardians. Law now encompasses ethics and the need for change has been identified. Former Judge, Inigo Bing, tells the stories of ten...

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  • JUL 16

    Kathleen Wyatt at Ways With Words

    • 16 Jul 2022
    • Ways With Words Festival

    In a time of deep fakes, alternative truths and leaked secrets, it would be easy to think that we are surrounded by lies. Former Times Journalist, Kathleen Wyatt, introduces us to a cast of professionals and professional liars, all to help her prove a remarkable thesis: lies hold us together as much as they push us apart and they play a vital role...

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  • SEP 17

    Andrew Mitchell at Budleigh Literary Festival

    • 17 Sep 2022
    • Budleigh Literary Festival

    THE WINNER OF THE PARLIAMENTARY BOOK AWARD 2021 FOR BEST AUTOBIOGRAPHY BY A PARLIAMENTARIAN Veering from the hilarious to the tragic, Andrew Mitchell’s tales from the parliamentary jungle make for one of the most entertaining political memoirs in years. From his prep school years, straight out of Evelyn Waugh, through the Army to Cambridge, the...

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  • SEP 18

    Kathleen Wyatt at Budleigh Literary Festival

    • 18 Sep 2022
    • Budleigh Literary Festival

    “There are a few secrets,” he tells me. “A few discoveries that I’ve never published. Some of the most powerful ones. I wouldn’t betray them under torture.” In a time of deep fakes, alternative truths and leaked secrets, it would be easy to think that we are surrounded by lies. While most people are shaking their heads and muttering dark things about...

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  • OCT 06

    Andrew Mitchell at the Isle of Wight Literary Festival

    • 6 - 9 Oct 2022

    Andrew Mitchell was Secretary of State for International Development in the British Government from May 2010 until he became Government Chief Whip in September 2012. He was a member of the National Security Council in Britain and a Governor of the World Bank between 2010 and 2012. He was appointed to the Privy Council in 2010. Prior to joining the...

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