• MAY 09

    In Conversation with Geoffrey Robertson

    • 9 May 2020
    • Chipping Camden Literary Festival

    World-renowned human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson discusses his two books, Who Owns History? and Rather His Own Man, at the Chipping Camden Literary Festival.

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  • MAR 28

    Kenny MacAskill MP and Maggie Craig at Aye Write!- CANCELLED

    • 28 Mar 2020
    • Mitchell Library

    The French Revolution lit a spark in Scotland, inspiring radicals and working people, uniting them in opposition to the King. Leading radicals like Thomas Muir were transported to Botany Bay. But the radicals fought back and formed the United Scotsmen, seeking widespread political reform. MP Kenny MacAskill’s Radical Scotland meticulously details this...

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  • MAR 22

    Asa Bennett at The Lewes Festival

    • 22 Mar 2020
    • The Lewes Festival

    Despite the last days of Rome being around 1,500 years ago, the shadow of its empire - and what those who lived in it had to say - still looms large over modern politics. Indeed, we would not think of politics as it is without our Classical ancestors. The word comes directly from the ancient Greek word polis, which refers to a city or state. Someone...

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  • MAR 21

    Jack Straw at The Lewes Festival- CANCELLED

    • 21 Mar 2020
    • The Lewes Festival

    Amongst British diplomats, there's a poignant joke that Iran is the only country in the world which still regards the United Kingdom as a superpower. For many Iranians, it's not a joke at all. The past two centuries are littered with examples of Britain reshaping Iran to suit its own ends, from dominating its oil, tobacco and banking industries to removing...

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  • MAR 21

    Norman Baker at The Lewes Festival

    • 21 Mar 2020
    • The Lewes Festival

    The royal family is the original Coronation Street  - a long-running soap opera with the occasional real coronation thrown in. Its members have become celebrities, like upmarket versions of film stars and footballers. But they have also become a byword for arrogance, entitlement, hypocrisy and indifference to the gigantic amount of public money wasted...

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  • MAR 12

    40 Years of Yes Minister! Jonathan Lynn with Ayesha Hazarika

    • 12 Mar 2020
    • The Groucho Club

    On both sides of the Atlantic, the political environment has taken an us into unchartered territory. On one side, reality star turned political leader Donald Trump presides over a turbulent Twitter presidency. Meanwhile at home, the UK remains deeply embroiled in a polarising and uncertain Brexit process. With reality looking stranger than fiction...

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  • MAR 12

    Anthony Seldon at Words by the Water

    • 12 Mar 2020
    • Main House

    Theresa May had the clearest, yet toughest, agenda of any Prime Minister since the Second World War: delivering Brexit. What followed defies belief or historical precedent. Drawing on a comprehensive series of interviews with May’s closest aides and allies Downing Street’s official historian, Anthony Seldon, decodes the enigma of the Prime Minister’s...

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  • MAR 05

    Kenny MacAskill with Topping Books

    • 5 Mar 2020
    • Greenside Church

    The Political Martyrs memorial in Edinburgh looms large on the city’s skyline but its history is relatively unknown – and that is not by accident. As Edinburgh’s New Town was constructed, a narrative of kilts and loyalty was created for Scotland, with its radical history deliberately excluded. The French Revolution lit a spark in Scotland, inspiring radicals...

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  • MAR 04

    Jewish Book Week with Geoffrey Robertson

    • 4 Mar 2020
    • Kings Place, Hall 1

    For millennia, conquerors and oppressors have plundered precious art and artefacts from their creators and owners, from the Parthenon Marbles of Greece; to the treasures looted from the Old Summer Palace during the British Opium Wars with China. For centuries they have been admired in national museums worldwide, away from their cultural home. This...

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  • MAR 03

    Naked Ambition: Kaya Mar Live Painting and Signing Session

    • 3 Mar 2020
    • London Review Bookshop

    Attentive observers of the past ten years of British politics may not have heard of Kaya Mar, but chances are they will have seen one of his pictures – at a rally, or in an agency photograph syndicated around the world, or via a viral tweet. His paintings in oils are unlikely pearls of surreal satire, gleaming in the murky political waters in which...

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