• OCT 13

    Ayesha Hazarika at Cheltenham Literature Festival

    • 13 Oct 2019
    • Cheltenham Literature Festival

    The PMQs are the most famous piece of political theatre at Westminster, placing the Prime Minister in the spotlight as opponents vie to land a knockout verbal punch and supporters curry favour. The Times Red Box Editor Matt Chorley grills former advisers Ayesha Hazarika (Punch & Judy Politics) and Philip Collins about preparing a PM to do battle in this high-pressure...

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  • OCT 13

    Caroline Slocock at Cheltenham Literature Festival

    • 13 Oct 2019
    • Cheltenham Literature Festival

    Find out what it's really like to work at Number 10 with Matt Chorley, Caroline Slocock, Theo Barclay and Downing Street's official Researcher in Residence, Jack Brown.

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  • OCT 12

    Peter Brookes at Cheltenham Literature Festival

    • 12 Oct 2019
    • Cheltenham Literature Festival

    In conversation with his colleague David Aaronovitch, the much-loved Times cartoonist Peter Brookes presents his brand new collection Critical Times and draws live on stage.

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  • OCT 11

    Anthony Seldon at Cheltenham Literature Festival

    • 11 Oct 2019
    • Cheltenham Literature Festival

    Who was the most disastrous Prime Minister in British history? And who was the best? Join Anthony Seldon, along with columnist Daniel Finkelstein, The Times Red Box editor Matt Chorley and Deborah Mattinson for a lighthearted debate on the ins and outs of Number 10.

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  • OCT 10

    Jack Straw at Isle of Wight Literary Festival

    • 10 Oct 2019
    • Northwood House, Cowes, Isle of Wight

    In 2001, Jack Straw became the first Foreign Secretary to visit Iran since the revolution of 1979. Come and see him talk about how the UK's difficult relationship with Iran has changed since then. Interviewed by Sir Richard Ottaway, Jack Straw will be talking politics, Islamic State, culture and the future of Iran's relations with the West....

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  • OCT 06

    Geoffrey Robertson at Wigtown Book Festival

    • 6 Oct 2019
    • Festival Marquee

    In a talk on his revealing and very funny memoir, Geoffrey Robertson QC recalls battles on behalf of George Harrison and Julian Assange, Salman Rushdie, Mike Tyson and the Sex Pistols – and those against General Pinochet and Mrs Thatcher. How did a pimply comprehensive schoolboy end up founding the UK’s leading human rights practice and become a first...

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  • OCT 02

    Caroline Slocock at Henley Literary Festival

    • 2 Oct 2019
    • Henley Literary Festival

    The first ever female private secretary to any British Prime Minister, Caroline Slocock had a front-row seat for the final eighteen months of Margaret Thatcher’s premiership. Come and see her talk with Stephen Robinson about the way in which we portray female leaders, 1980s politics and more.

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  • SEP 30

    Jack Straw at Henley Literary Festival

    • 30 Sep 2019
    • Henley Literary Festival

    Come and watch the Former Home Secretary and Lord Chancellor chat about English politics and our relationship with Iran, interviewed by Alistair Bunkall.

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  • MAR 29

    Inequality, Brexit and the End of Empire

    • 29 Mar 2019
    • LSE: Old Theatre, Old Building

    Was the result of the 2016 EU referendum the last gasp of a view of empire based on nostalgia? And on 29 March 2019, as it officially ceases to become a member of the European Union, will post-Brexit Britain be a nation willing to inhabit the world of the present instead of the past? Join us on Brexit Night as four eminent scholars turn their attention...

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  • MAR 10

    Is Anything Happening?

    • 10 Mar 2018
    • The Leeds Library

    In the days before mobile phones, the internet and 24-hour news channels, the easiest way for a British foreign correspondent to find out what was going on in the world was to phone the local office of Reuters news agency and ask: ‘Is anything happening?’ That’s how the award-winning BBC reporter and presenter Robin Lustig started out in journalism,...

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