• SEP 10

    Chartwell Literature Festival: Sarah-Louise Miller

    • 10 Sep 2023
    • Chartwell Literature Festival

    10:30 – 11:15 Speakers Marquee – Croquet Lawn | £15.00 Untold Stories of the Second World War Part 2 - Women in the Wars The overlooked of history of women in the two world wars, from the RAF to intelligence work, the expert panel provides rich insight into the incredible contributions made by women behind the scenes. Presented by Dr Sarah Louise...

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  • AUG 06

    Edinburgh Festival: Chris Mullin

    • 6 Aug 2023
    • Pleasance at EICC

    Award-winning LBC presenter returns with a series of in-depth interviews featuring his acclaimed, incisive insight on current affairs and audience questions. Today's guests are writer, journalist and former MP Chris Mullin and acclaimed author Sasha Swire.

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  • JUL 21

    Buxton International Festival: Jesse Norman

    • 21 Jul 2023
    • Buxton International Festival

    The Winding Stair The Winding Stair is a tale of ambition and revenge set in the courts of Elizabethan and Jacobean England. It tells the story of a bitter struggle for influence and power between two of the most brilliant men of the age: the scholar Francis Bacon, whose genius is the envy of the court, and his hated rival Edward Coke, the greatest...

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  • JUL 17

    Buxton International Festival: Chris Mullin

    • 17 Jul 2023
    • Buxton International Festival

    Didn’t you use to be Chris Mullin? Diaries 2010-2022 ‘When I retired from Parliament in April 2010, I ceased keeping a diary, on the assumption that life would no longer be of sufficient interest to justify doing so. It soon became apparent that I was wrong…I am under no illusion, however. Despite the occasional moment in the sunshine, I have never...

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  • JUL 01

    Chalke Valley History Festival: Samir Puri

    • 1 Jul 2023
    • Chalke Valley History Festival

    112. UKRAINE: HOW DID IT COME TO THIS? Samir Puri, Olga Onuch, Peter Caddick-Adams Saturday 1st July 19:30 (60 Min) Hiscox Tent In this timely discussion, Olga Onuch, Samir Puri and Peter Caddick-Adams will take a long view at Ukraine’s history, its place not only in Europe’s story but also in Russia’s and the Soviet Union’s. From the Revolution...

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  • JUN 30

    Chalke Valley History Festival: Jesse Norman

    • 30 Jun 2023
    • Chalke Valley History Festival

    81. FRANCIS BACON AND EDWARD COKE: THE WINDING STAIR Jesse Norman Friday 30th June 15:45 (60 Min) Evelyn Partners Tent Jesse Norman will reveal the bitter struggle for influence and power between the brilliant scholar Francis Bacon and the great lawyer Edward Coke. Bringing to life the parliaments and courts of Elizabethan and Jacobean...

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  • JUN 17

    Borders Festival: Jesse Norman

    • 17 Jun 2023
    • Borders Festival

    venue CSY Architects Marquee date Saturday 17 June time 5:30 pm ticket prices £8 | £6 The Winding Stair is a brilliant historical novel set at a pivotal moment. Elizabeth I is dying, James VI waits to accede. But who will thrive, and who will fail under the new king? Will it be the scholar, Francis Bacon, whose brilliance is the envy of the court? Or...

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  • JUN 17

    Big Ideas Festival: Tom Clark

    • 17 Jun 2023
    • Big Ideas Festival

    Big Ideas Festival: Tom Clark

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  • JUN 10

    CrimeCon: Martin Brunt

    • 10 Jun 2023
    • CrimeCon

    True crime is so much more than murder recreations and dramatic courtroom showdowns. This genre is rich with real-life stories of triumph and tragedy; heartbreak and heroism. It runs the full spectrum from the criminal mind, to the criminal act, to the criminal justice system leaping into action. It’s about psychology, victimology, and methodology....

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  • MAY 28

    Hay Festival: Jesse Norman

    • 28 May 2023
    • Hay Festival

    Jesse Norman talks to Suzannah Lipscomb THE WINDING STAIR Sunday 28 May 2023, 7pm Hwyl Stage MP Jesse Norman’s witty historical novel The Winding Stair is the story of the rivalry between scholar Francis Bacon and Edward Coke, already acclaimed as the greatest lawyer of his generation. As Queen Elizabeth I is dying and James I waiting to accede...

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