• MAY 15

    Fowey Festival of Arts and Literature: Sarah-Louise Miller

    • 15 May 2023
    • Fowey Festival of Arts and Literature

    Dr Sarah-Louise Miller – The Women Behind The Few Monday 15 May, 4:00pm-5:00pm Fowey Town Hall £10.00 Historian and author Dr Sarah-Louise Miller discusses the work of the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force and RAF Intelligence during the Second World War and how their ‘hidden’ contribution was vital to the success of the ‘Few’. In this thrilling book, Sarah...

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  • MAY 14

    Lewes Speakers Festival: Chris Mullin

    • 14 May 2023
    • Lewes Speakers Festival

    The All Saints, Lewes, BN7 Sun 14th May 2023 12:50PM “When I retired from Parliament in April 2010, I ceased keeping a diary, on the assumption that life would no longer be of sufficient interest to justify doing so. It soon became apparent that I was wrong… I am under no illusion, however. Despite the occasional moment in the sunshine, I have...

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  • MAY 13

    Lewes Speakers Festival: Tom Clark

    • 13 May 2023
    • Lewes Speakers Festival

    The All Saints, Lewes, BN7 Sat 13th May 2023 6:50PM   A dozen years into austerity, statistical warning lights are flashing to suggest a return to types of deprivation that we once imagined we had consigned to the history books. In the decade up to the pandemic, the official count of rough sleepers doubled. Recorded malnutrition in hospital...

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  • MAY 13

    Fowey Festival of Arts and Literature: Mark Easton

    • 13 May 2023
    • Fowey Festival of Arts and Literature

    Mark Easton – Searching for Truth on the Shoreline Saturday 13 May, 6:00pm Fowey Town Hall £12.00 John Donne’s misguided maxim that “No man is an island”, sparked the imagination of BBC News Home Editor, Mark Easton. In his new book, he takes us on an enchanting and illuminating adventure through the islands of the world from Ancient Crete to modern...

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  • MAY 13

    Lewes Speakers Festival: Martin Brunt

    • 13 May 2023
    • Lewes Speakers Festival

    The All Saints, Lewes, BN7 Sat 13th May 2023 3:50PM What is it about crime that we find so fascinating, even if at the same time the details are repugnant? Why are some crimes more newsworthy than others? And how has that perception changed, if at all, in an age when every smartphone-owner is a potential on-the-spot reporter? Martin Brunt has...

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  • APR 21

    Biteback authors at Hexham Book Festival

    • 21 - 28 Apr 2023
    • Hexham Book Festival

    22 March @ 8.15pm

    Mark Easton


    23 March @ 12.45pm

    Chris Mullin

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  • APR 01

    Biteback authors at Oxford Literary Festival

    • 1 Apr 2023
    • Oxford Literary Festival

      26 March @ 4pm Nedhum Onuoha   27 March @ 2pm Vernon Bogdanor   28 March @ 12pm  Inigo Bing   28 March @ 2pm Dave Rich   29 March @ 4pm Michael Cockerell   31 March @ 6pm Kathleen Wyatt...

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  • OCT 22

    Michael Cockerell at Wells Festival of Literature

    • 22 Oct 2022

    Our political leaders spend their careers spinning their images and polishing their achievements. Michael Cockerell has spent his political life stripping off that carefully applied gloss. For the past 50 years, from Macmillan through to Johnson, this celebrated documentary maker has gained unrivalled access to the secret chambers of Westminster and...

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  • OCT 15

    Kathleen Wyatt at Cheltenham Literature Festival

    • 15 Oct 2022
    • Cheltenham Literature Festival

    “There are a few secrets,” he tells me. “A few discoveries that I’ve never published. Some of the most powerful ones. I wouldn’t betray them under torture.” In a time of deep fakes, alternative truths and leaked secrets, it would be easy to think that we are surrounded by lies. While most people are shaking their heads and muttering dark things about...

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  • OCT 08

    Rabina Khan at Henley Literature Festival

    • 8 Oct 2022
    • Henley Literature Festival

    “In 2015, when I ran to be mayor in Tower Hamlets, a smartly dressed middle-class man saw me wearing a headscarf and asked me what colour my hair was underneath it. I gave him a big smile. ‘Pink,’ I replied. Did I win his vote? I rather doubt it.” Vivid, astute and full of humour, My Hair Is Pink Under This Veil offers a frank appraisal of life in modern Britain...

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