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The IEA is delighted to host a launch event for James Bartholomew's new book The Welfare of Nations with special guest Fraser Nelson.

About the book:

In The Welfare State We’re In, James Bartholomew controversially argued that the British welfare state has done more harm than good. Many people responded by saying, "If that is the case, what should we do about it?". Now, in The Welfare of Nations,  Bartholomew tries to answer that question. He travels to eleven countries around the world, from Australia in the east and San Francisco in the west, to see what happens elsewhere and what models we might follow. 

Bartholomew argues that welfare statism - which he describes as the new, defining form of government of our age - has swept across the advanced world. Without any revolution or great theorist, welfare states are changing the nature of modern civilisation. But in what ways? And what lessons can be learned before it is too late?

For a fuller summary, click here.

You can also watch a short video of James introducing the book here.

The event

The event will begin at 6:30pm. James and Fraser will make some brief remarks about the book and answer any questions. Drinks will be served and it will be possible to purchase a discounted copy of the book at the event.

RSVP by email or call 020 7799 8900.

Visit the event website

Getting there 2 Lord North Street (entrance on Great Peter Street) Westminster London SW1P 3LB

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