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Roger Mosey is joined in discussion by Baroness Sally Morgan, who has worked at the heart of government. They will be discussing how the daily news might be the very thing to help our democracy. 


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More about 20 Things that Would Make the News Better

We are at a defining point in the history of news. Following a surge of fake news, clickbait and conspiracy theories, the 2020s have ushered in a welter of existential threats for public service broadcasting.

So, where do we go from here? Former Today editor and head of BBC television news Roger Mosey thinks public service broadcasters must buck the trends and in this incisive book he offers twenty core ways in which the news can save itself by getting smarter, sharper, more diverse, more nuanced and less exposed to pummelling by politicians.

Mosey sees two possible futures: one in which the incitements of populist demagogues and the passions of social media are ever dominant – or one where we fight hard to retain media that has an interest in the public good and preserves truth, fairness and evidence-based judgements.

From one of British broadcasting’s most experienced voices comes the definitive exploration of Britain’s news output and what must change if we are to avoid a future of uninspiring news, uninformed decision-making and accountability-dodging politicians.


“At a critical moment for news and our trust in it, this is a brilliant prescription for its future from a man who’s lived and breathed it. A must-read for all those who care about how we get at the truth, when the forces ranged against it grow stronger by the day.”

Julie Etchingham

“Fearless, interesting and funnier than it has any right to be. A brilliant A-to-Z for the modern newsroom.”

Jeremy Vine
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