West Ham fans on Saturday were greeted at their local Newham bookshop by the sunshiny faces of lifelong West Ham supporters Rob Banks and Iain Dale. Rob was there signing copies of his newly republished An Irrational Hatred of Luton which charts a lifetime of ups and downs for one avid Hammer.

Sadly, West Ham suffered a 3-1 defeat at the hands of a less-relentless-than-usual, Chelsea. However, Scott Parker's goal was nothing short of awesome and was a great way to break their clean sheet since the season began.

In other equally important but highly irrelevant news, Bobby Zamora has broken his leg but the mainstream sporting media is too busy talking about Wayne Rooney 'playing away from home' - see what I did there - than on this devastating blow to Fulham's title *ahem* hopes. Speaking of Wayne Rooney, buy Rooney's Gold, a biography by one of the BBC's leading investigative journalists, John Sweeney, here.

Let's take a moment to wish Bobby a speedy recovery - that goes for Rob and Iain too, I'm sure.