Biteback has acquired World rights to Comrade Jeremy, the biography of the newly-elected Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, by journalist Rosa Prince.  

Until recently, Jeremy Corbyn was barely known outside political circles, yet today he has ridden a wave of popular enthusiasm to win the Labour Party leadership by a landslide.

How did this very British iconoclast manage to snatch the leadership of a party he spent forty years rebelling against? Who is he and where did he come from? And what exactly happened over the space of an extraordinary summer to propel an old lefty called Jeremy to inspire and excite hundreds of thousands of people, and breathe new life into the socialist ideals he has, almost alone, held true to for so many years? From Corbyn’s cosy rural upbringing, through three marriages – including his decision to divorce one wife for sending their son to grammar school – and his long espousal of contentious causes, including Irish republicanism and a free Palestine, Comrade Jeremy is the story of the most unexpected leadership contest ever to take place in modern British politics.

Rosa Prince said: ‘Jeremy Corbyn's unlikely journey to the leadership of the Labour Party is one of the great adventures of modern British political history. I am so honoured to have been trusted with the task of telling his extraordinary story.’

Iain Dale said: ‘The 2015 Labour Leadership election has been a riveting episode, and Jeremy Corbyn’s unlikely victory will go down in political history. Love him or hate him, Corbyn is a fascinating character, and I’m delighted that Biteback will be publishing his remarkable story.’

Comrade Jeremy will be published in January 2016, and supported by a major press campaign.

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