Biteback Publishing is a major new political & current affairs publisher. Born in July 2009 and 85% owned by Biteback Media, the publisher of the monthly political magazine, TotalĀ  Politics , Biteback is composed of three distinct imprints: Dialogue, Total Politics and Biteback itself. Dialogue publishes books on contemporary history and current affairs with a strong international flavour, whilst Biteback publishes more general current affairs titles, including biography, history humour and political fiction, and Total Politics is concerned with specialist political and reference titles.

Biteback is strictly non-partisan and was created to fill a cavernous gap in the world of political publishing. So few people are publishing political books nowadays. Larger publishers will only publish a book if they think it will sell at least 10,000 copies, while smaller and medium sized publishers have been gobbled up by bigger ones. As a consequence, the kinds of books we believe to be important are not being published any longer.

Biteback already has an impressive range of writers and new books across its various imprints - from Anthony Seldon's Trust: How we lost it and how to get it back, which is fast becoming the political book of the Autumn, to Dilly: The man who broke Enigmas - the hitherto untold story of Alfred Dillwyn Knox, whose work at Bletchley Park helped to end the Second World War. Ranging somewhat esoterically from The Total Politics Guide to the 2010 General Election, through to the Yes Minister Miscellany, all of Biteback's titles are linked by our dedication to publishing the highest calibre books on politics and current affairs.