We’ve got 12 fantastic new books out this month. From our collection of essential election reading, to brilliant biographies and memoirs, not to mention an exciting compendium of spy stories, September really will spoil readers rotten.


How To Be A Minister: A 21st-Century Guide
By John Hutton and Leigh Lewis

The failsafe guide on how to be a minister – and how to resign if it fails…
John Hutton and Leigh Lewis have teamed up to produce this vibrant, informative and interesting guide on how to survive in Her Majesty’s government. Recommended reading for those who enjoyed How To Be An MP by Paul Flynn.

“For anyone who wants to know how government really works, this book is a must.” Lord O’Donnell

George Osborne: The Austerity Chancellor
By Janan Ganesh

Recently serialised in The Times

Janan Ganesh tells the illuminating story of George Osborne and the era he helped to shape. By analysing his ascent through British politics and dissecting the revival of the Tories to the reformation of the state, Ganesh paints a portrait of a truly fascinating character.

Biteback’s Why Vote 2015: A short, affordable series to help you decide

Why Vote Conservative 2015 by Nick Herbert
Why Vote Labour 2015 by Dan Jarvis
Why Vote Liberal Democrat 2015 by Jeremy Browne
Why Vote UKIP 2015 by Suzanne Evans

The May 2015 General Election is fast approaching and promises to be the most exciting for generations. For those who still aren’t 100% sure which party has the manifesto that best represents them, these are the perfect guides to help you determine who to vote for.

Seize The Day
By Mike Read

Full of lively anecdotes, nostalgic reminiscences and humour, Mike Read delivers a whirlwind tour through his life in showbiz. The broadcasting legend covers all aspects of his career, from hosting prime time entertainment shows to his recent adventures on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, this witty and candid autobiography is not to be missed.

Breaking The Code: Westminster Diaries
By Gyles Brandreth

Revised and updated, Brandreth’s warts and all Westminster diaries are being rereleased with loads of brand new material (as well as previously excised diaries about Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the premiership of David Cameron). A contemporary and honest portrait of Whitehall and Westminster, and the first ever insider’s account of the hitherto secret world that is the government whips’ office.

“Incredibly funny” Daily Mail

The Secret Agent’s Bedside Reader
Edited by Michael Smith

One of the leading authorities on the history of Britain’s spies and former intelligence officer, Michael Smith, has compiled the best espionage stories from around the world. Featuring tales from John Le Carré, John Buchan, Joseph Conrad, Ian Fleming, Graham Greene, Kim Philby, Christopher Marlowe and more… This enthralling compendium will keep you awake long past your bedtime.

The Politicos Guide to the 2015 Election
Edited by Greg Callus, Iain Dale, Daniel Hamilton and Robert Waller

Everything you need to know for the 2015 general election is enclosed in these pages.
There are lists of prospective candidates, analysis of key marginal seats and an extensive assessment of the political landscape, and so much more.
Want to make an informed decision in 2015? This book is for you.

Enoch at 100: A re-evaluation of the life, politics and philosophy of Enoch Powell
Edited by Lord Howard of Rising

Leading political figures, writers and commentators reassess Enoch Powell’s legacy in this fantastic collection, exploring the role of the government, the current state of the economy, immigration, the European Union and much more.

“A superb set of essays” Peter Oborne, Daily Telegraph

Basil Feldman: Memoirs
By Lord Basil Feldman

The businessman, politician and revered character has finally penned his autobiography. Bursting with stories of interactions with some of the most interesting, powerful figures of his lifetime, Lord Feldman’s Memoirs provide a compelling account for keen politicos.

“Basil Feldman’s story is extraordinary.” Lord Michael Dobbs


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