It's competition time folks.

The Daily Telegraph’s cryptic crossword on January 13 1942 played a crucial role in helping the Allies win the Second World War. They used it to recruit the Bletchley Park codebreakers. Would you have made the grade? The Daily Telegraph have reproduced the crossword for eager readers today, and we'd like to do the same... Submit the correct answers to the crossword for your chance to win one of three copies of The Secrets of Station X by Michael Smith. Use the clues below, don't just copy the answers. No cheating!


1 A stage company (6)

4 The direct route preferred by the Roundheads (5,3)

9 One of the ever-greens (6)

10 Scented (10)

12 Course with an apt finish (5)

13 Much that could be got from a timber merchant (5,4)

15 We have nothing and are in debt (3)

16 Pretend (5)

17 Is this town ready for a flood? (6)

22 The little fellow has some beer; it makes me lose colour, I say (6)

24 Fashion of a famous French family (5)

27 Tree (3)

28 One might of course use this tool to core an apple (6,3)

31 Once used for unofficial currency (5)

32 Those well brought up help these over stiles (4,4)

33 A sport in a hurry (6)

34 Is the workshop that turns out this part of a motor a hush-hush affair? (8)

35 An illumination functioning (6) 


Official instructions not to forget the servants (8)

Said to be a remedy for a burn (5,3)

Kind of alias (9)

A disagreeable company (5)

Debtors may have to this money for their debts unless of course their creditors do it to the debts (5)

Boat that should be able to suit anyone (6)

Gear (6)

11 Business with the end in sight (6)

14 The right sort of woman has the right sort of stove (3)

18 "The war" (anag.) (6)

19 When hammering take care not to hit this (5,4)

20 Making sounds as a bell (8)

21 Half a fortnight of old (8)

23 Bird, dish or coin (3)

25 This sign of the zodiac has no connection with the Fishes (6)

26 A preservative of teeth (6)

29 Famous sculptor (5)

30 This part of the locomotive engine would sound familiar to the golfer (5)

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