“Sensational... a fascinating book.” – Aleksandr Gurnov – Russia Today

Author Michael Smith talks to Aleksandr Gurnov from Russia Today about the intriguing revelations that can be found in his book, SIX: A History of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service.

This first part of a two-part series covers the history of the British Secret service from 1909 up until the eve of the Second World War from the perspective of former British Army Intelligence Officer, Michael Smith.

In his interview for Russia Today, Smith tells of the difficulties he faced in information gathering for the book and discusses the fascinating account it gives of the Secret Intelligence Service’s involvement in events; including the assassination of Rasputin and previously untold work against Nazi Germany ahead of the Second World War. The second part will tell the story from the outbreak of World War Two to the present, showing the development of the agency into the model for the world’s spies during the Cold War, and detailing the work of MI6 in Afghanistan and Iraq today.

SIX: A History of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service is available now from the Biteback site priced £19.99