It’s been a tumultuous year in British politics. No-deal is on the horizon, Parliament are popping in and out of the Houses of Westminster like a jack-in-the-box, and several key politicians are causing waves as they continue to make their Brexit dreams a reality.

But what does it all mean? What should you know about the political landscape we’ve found ourselves in, and who do you need to keep tabs on as the weeks roll towards 31st October?

Worry no more. We’ve got the definitive list of Brexit books that you should be getting stuck into.



Jacob’s Ladder, by Lord Ashcroft

Want to know more about the man behind the Mogg? The man who once declared that ‘unsalted butter is a crime against the Holy Ghost’? Jacob Rees-Mogg has had a long and colourful career in politics, but never has he taken centre-stage quite like he has now. From his childhood to his beginnings in Oxford, find out more about the politician who has had such a hand in shaping the country’s Brexit policy. Written by Lord Ashcroft, it’s baffling and fascinating in equal measure, and a great introduction to the world of the backbencher.





The Big Book of Boris, by Iain Dale and Jakub Szweda

What can be said about Boris Johnson that hasn’t been said already? Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Johnson’s magnetic personality and force of will have seen him thrive in the Westminster arena and reshape politics in his own image. What better time, therefore, to dive into the book that brings together the best of his quotes- from his time as Foreign Secretary to his declaration that his chances of being Prime Minister were equal to his ‘being reincarnated as an olive’? 





F**K Business, by Iain Anderson

Business and politics go hand in hand… but what happens when one of them becomes ever more unstable? What do economists do when they feel that they can’t trust politicians? With the relationship between the two always changing, it’s time to swot up on how the relationship between Parliament and business might impact us all when Brexit finally does happen. Leading you along this thorny path is Iain Anderson, whose ringside seat in the political and economic arena has given him unparalleled insights into what went wrong, and how we can fix it.





Punch and Judy Politics, by Ayesha Hazarika

We’ve all seen it on television: the Leader of the Opposition nailing the Prime Minister down on a technicality, and the Prime Minister firing back with a wounding statistic about their rival. If you’re looking for an introduction to the tradition-laden and often confusing world of Prime Minister’s Questions- the ultimate game of cat and mouse- then look no further. Full of funny anecdotes, history and (most importantly) information about how it actually works, it’s the book to have at hand as you watch Boris Johnson battle his recalcitrant Parliament.





The Weak are a Long Time in Politics, by Patrick Kidd

When politics becomes satire, then sketch writers have a field day. And that’s exactly what Patrick Kidd has done: faced with an abundance of political silliness, he’s compiled a list of sketches from the past few years and put them into one big book. By turns funny, groan-worthy and gobsmacking, it’s a book you’ll have a lot of fun reading- and a surprisingly sharp account of Parliament’s descent into utter lunacy.




What now?

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