In a blog post on their website, dated 21 October, the Independent Police Complaints Commission has written the following entry that has subsequently been picked up by much of the national media:

Most of you will be aware that former SYP officer Sir Norman Bettison is writing a book about his involvement in policing the aftermath of Hillsborough.

As these events fall within the remit of the IPCC investigation, I have written to the publisher to request a copy of the book before it is published.

Its contents will be assessed in consultation with the CPS and together we will consider what impact, if any, it has on the criminal investigation and what action can be taken.

A spokesperson for Biteback Publishing has replied:

‘Whilst it is true we have been corresponding with the IPCC about the possibility of showing them Mr Bettison’s book prior to publication, I think it is unfortunate and unseemly that they should choose to publicise our private correspondence. We will be making no further comment on it.’