'I Still Find That Offensive!' || REVIEW by Lauren Kirton


Originally published in 2016, Claire Fox’s book ‘I Find That Offensive!’ has recently been re-released with a new preface. Expanding on her original polemic, Fox establishes that society continues to suffer from oversensitive ‘snowflakes’ who take issue with everything, to conclude that if you hear the words, ‘I find that offensive’, you’re probably being told to shut up. This updated edition shows that, for Fox, nothing has changed, as reactions to certain opinions – particularly from young people – are still over the top and unnecessary.

Cover 123A particularly timely release for this month – with new students flocking to universities in their thousands – Fox begins with a brief comment on the issue of censorship, recognising that there has been an increase in the amount of campus debates and events being shut down. Though some try, it cannot be denied that this trend has gained traction in recent times, and this book questions how valid this is: why do the feelings of a few matter more than the right to free speech?

Refusing to walk on eggshells, Fox faces this issue head on, and considers the possible causes of a generation she takes credit for dubbing ‘snowflakes’, in an attempt toughen up our society. With this work, Fox doesn’t attempt to silence this group but, in fact, she calls for a wider debate; a debate that may offend some, but which will allow for a more open conversation.


Click here: 'I Still Find That Offensive!' by Claire Fox/@Fox_Claire

Published: 16 August