Brian Jones’ Failing Intelligence received a terrific review in the autumn edition of The Spokesman , the journal of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, which features independent articles on peace and nuclear disarmament, human rights & civil liberties, and contemporary politics.

The review by Tony Simpson - editor of The Spokesman - praises the author for speaking out against the tactics used by the Blair/Bush collaboration to deceive their legislatures and their electorates into believing that it were a real possibility Iraqi WMD could strike the West within 45 minutes.

“Brian Jones has given us an extraordinarily important book, written by an insider who retained integrity whilst his superiors, and most of the politicians, compromised theirs... we celebrate the publication of Failing Intelligence, which is a genuine blow for freedom.”

This is the first book on Iraq by a British intelligence official involved in the process that led to Britain taking part in the 2003 invasion. As the former head of the UK Defence Intelligence Staff’s nuclear, biological and chemical section, Brian Jones is ideally placed to pronounce upon the way in which Britain was taken to war and the way in which the intelligence reporting on Iraq’s WMD was manipulated to justify Saddam Hussein’s removal from power.

Failing Intelligence is available now priced £9.99 from Biteback