This morning I received the news that we had been announced. Biteback is to be Dialogue in the States - as I've mentioned before - but now it's official. Publishers Weekly says so.

To avoid confusion we've been registered with the domain name which then leads you here. That's right, here. It may say Biteback everywhere but there's nothing we can do about that so we can only hope that our intrigued US customers can figure out that this isn't some twisted game but that we just can't be tarred with the Bite Back brush. It's a negative brush you see. And we're a positive political publisher. Insofar as we absolutely and positively publish political books.

Our US distributor is Consortium an arm of Pegusus - the largest book distributor in the States. We were announced alongside five other of their new publishers, one of which is a Canadian publisher of - among other things - pornography. Incidentally, our lead title in Spring/Summer 2011 in the States is Inside the Pakistan Army - politically speaking, of course.