How can it be January 15th already? We’ve got six great titles due out this month, and as we’re all doing “Dry January”/”pretend to be healthy”/”save money and stay at home” resolutions this month, there’s no better time to get stuck into a new book.



Why Vote Green 2015: The Essential Guide          

By Shahrar Ali

With the 2015 General Election fast approaching, we’ve got a brand new addition to the Why Vote 2015 series. Will the Greens build on their previous successes? Deputy leader of the Green party Shahrar Ali concisely explores their key policies in this important little book.

“There’s absolutely no other choice but Green. The others are all the same.” Dame Vivienne Westwood

The Problem with Immigrants       

By Derek Laud

Derek Laud explores the triumphs and disappointments shared those who have relocated to the UK. Drawing on his own experience, Laud highlights the misconceptions and prejudices that face those who have chosen to live here. With immigration proving to be one of the key issues in the upcoming General Election, The Problem with Immigrants is a timely look at this controversial topic.

The End of Apartheid: Diary of a Revolution          

By Robin Renwick

Personal friend to Mandela and British Ambassador to South Africa, Robin Renwick witnessed first-hand the release of Nelson Mandela and the dismantling of apartheid. An extraordinary account of this seismic event, The End of Apartheid is based on Renwick’s diaries of the time and contains previously unpublished Foreign office and Downing Street files.

“One of the most important books written on the modern history of South Africa.”  Wilbur Smith


Odd People: Hunting Spies in the First World War         

By Basil Thomson

A real life Sherlock Holmes, Basil Thomson was responsible for arresting and interrogating possible spies in a panicked England just before the First World War. Odd People is a look at the fascinating suspects he found and a wittily observed portrait of a paranoid country. The latest addition to the Dialogue Espionage Classics Series.  

Double Cross in Cairo: The True Story of the Spy Who Turned the Tide of War in the Middle East

By Nigel West

Renato Levi is an enigma; a double agent during World War II, a terrible womaniser and the holder of a British passport. Levi or ‘Cheese’ played a role so incomparable and secretive that even after his death and the declassification of MI5’s war files his true identity was never revealed, until now. 


Forever England: The life of Rupert Brooke

By Mike Read

The most celebrated of war poets, strikingly good looking and emblematic of a generation that died too young, Rupert Brooke’s death reflected the tragedy of conflict. In Forever England, Mike Read examines Brooke’s tangled web of love, friendship, mental illness and politics and the poems that came from it.

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