"Paul Richards writes with conviction and lucidity. The new Labour leader should read this book."
Rachel Sylvester, The Times

Well the votes were in this weekend and in defeating the favourite (and his brother), Ed Miliband steps up to lead the Labour Party. Following a general election when its coalition of support has been fractured and its traditional voters have deserted it in their tens of thousands, the question is: will he be able to steer the party back to power?

Paul Richards, the founder of and columnist for Progress magazine, provides some guidance in his new book Labour's Revival: A Moderniser's Manifesto. He analyses Labour's strategic errors and the debilitating bumps in the road, plots against Gordon Brown’s leadership, poor election results and policy U-turns. He outlines the task ahead for Labour and calls on it to adopt a new agenda on public service reform, local ownership and control, a green economy and a renewed democracy.

As the Labour Party, with its new leader Ed Miliband at the helm, searches its soul and debates the future, Labour’s Revival provides a wake-up call for anyone who wants to see it come back as a serious party of government.

Labour's Revival: A Moderniser's Manifesto by Paul Richards is available to buy from the Biteback website priced £12.99