...As does his new book Labour's Revival available now for £12.99

Newsnight last night saw Jeremy Paxman vetting Sadiq Khan in the aftermath of Ed Miliband's first speech as Labour leader, an interview with the Archbishop of Canterbury, and, in Paxo's own words, we witnessed Michael Crick sent out around Conference to "annoy people".

Paul Richards didn't appear annoyed though and was all too happy to answer Michael Crick's questions and voice his opinions on the speech: "It was either brilliant or stupid, and we'll only know that in subsequent months."

Paul Richards has been at the heart of the Labour Party for 20 years, he's uniquely placed to shed light on the current issues facing the Labour Party. So if you're contemplating Labour's future why not just let Paul do it for you? Buy your copy of the moderniser's manfiesto here.

Rachel Sylvester hits the nail on the head in her review of Labour's Revival "the new Labour leader should read this book". She's not wrong I tell you!

And don't worry. Ed's already got his copy. So has David actually, but let's not get into that.