Biteback Publishing is proud to present a new range of books dedicated to classic tales of true life espionage. From secret spy operations in North Africa to the codebreakers of Bletchley Park, this new collection provides a narrative to twentieth century covert history by exposing common myths and unearthing previously unknown accounts of wartime intelligence machinations. The Dialogue Espionage Classics promise to rival anything in fiction.

Bletchley Park’s role in breaking Japan’s secret ciphers

The extraordinary wartime exploits of the British codebreakers based at Bletchley Park continue to fascinate and amaze. In The Emperor's Codes Michael Smith tells the story of how Japan's wartime codes were broken, and the consequences for the Second World War. He describes how the Japanese ciphers were broken and the effect on the lives of the codebreakers themselves. Using material from recently declassified British files, privileged access to Australian secret official histories and interviews with British, American and Australian codebreakers, this is the first full account of the critical role played by Bletchley Park and its main outposts around the world.

The Emperor’s Codes is available from Biteback, priced £9.99

The spy behind the allied victory in North Africa

Major General Mieczyslaw Zygfryd Slowikowski, codenamed Rygor, was a Polish intelligence officer who helped establish Allied spy networks in occupied France, and later, in German occupied North Africa. In July 1941, Slowikowski was transferred to Algiers where he set up and ran one of the War’s most successful intelligence operations, providing the vast bulk of the intelligence for Operation Torch, the 1942 Allied invasion of North Africa. This was the first joint Allied military operation involving both the British and the Americans, in the first large-scale Allied landings of the war. Operation Torch provided a turning point in the war against the Axis powers and Slowikowski’s immense bravery and effort were later rewarded with the American Legion of Merit and an Order of the British Empire. This is his extraordinary story.

Codename Rygor is available from Biteback, priced £9.99

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