On Monday we are excited to be publishing Seeking Gaddafi, by Daniel Kawczynski. Daniel has created a compelling portrait of one of the most controversial, and, frankly, bizarre, figures in modern history.

Michael Gove writes in his foreword to the book, "Seeking the truth about Gaddafi is, like following tracks in the shifting sands of the Sahara, no easy task. But my colleague Daniel Kawczynski has brought his characteristic tenacity, passion and energy to the task. The result is a fascinating portrait of a land and its leader, with illuminating detail on every page and telling insights culled from Daniel’s own work on international development and human rights. Daniel’s picture of Libya, for all that land’s complexities and contradictions, does reinforce one overarching lesson. While Libya has been blessed with fabulous material and mineral wealth, the absence of democracy has held the country, its people and its neighbours back for decades now. Across the Arab world, millions live under tyrannies and autocracies, denied the opportunity to speak, think, work and love freely."

In Seeking Gaddafi book Daniel Kawczynski examines the persona and career of one of the world’s most enigmatic leaders and talks with political insiders about the challenge Gaddafi has posed to Britain. He also interviews people whose lives have been affected by Libyan aggression and asks how we can balance human rights and the crimes of the past against opportunities to engage with a regime that is reaching out to the West.