Today is Pope Day. It’s finally here. The roads are closed. The steel-toecapped bobbies are out in full force and have their arms folded and legs shoulder width apart. Is that a requirement?

Either way, it’s all getting a bit exciting.

It’s T minus 1 hour until he arrives in his almost equally famous Popemobile. People are lining the streets behind metal fencing. And I’ve been told reliably that the Pontiff won’t miraculously appear out of nowhere at the point where the fencing begins.

I have my telephoto lens at the ready (purely by chance, I hasten to add) and am prepared to get some snaps of His Holiness from the office window.

Odd, though, something tells me that if it were Lady Gaga cruising nonchalantly down Albert Embankment in the Popemobile (or would it be the Gagamobile?) I’d be pressed up against the barriers, screaming nonsensically. Still, this is a big deal too, right?

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UPDATE: People with flags!