The Secret Agent's Bedside Reader

A Compendium of Spy Writing

Edited by Michael Smith

Hardback RRP: £20 Our Price: £15

eBook RRP: £16.99 Our Price: £10.19

There aren’t many publishers who can claim to publish the likes of Joseph Conrad, Graham Greene, John le Carré, Somerset Maugham, Compton Mackenzie and Ian Fleming. But Biteback can!

We’ve been quietly building up our list of books by former spies in the Dialogue Espionage Classics series and while Conrad wasn’t ever a spy, so far as anyone knows, he and all of the above now appear in print under the Biteback logo! It’s a tremendous coup. 

Not only do we publish them all but we publish them all in one handy book. The Secret Agent’s Bedside Reader, edited by former spook and number-one bestselling author Michael Smith. It’s the perfect Christmas present.

The Secret Agent’s Bedside Reader includes devious plans by Ian Fleming to outwit the Germans during the Second World War, an entire John le Carré chapter on George Smiley and his wartime espionage exploits and one of Somerset Maugham’s wonderful short stories about his alter ego, the British spy Ashenden.

But there’s much more than that, excerpts from novels by John Buchan, Erskine Childers and contemporary spies turned espionage novelists Matthew Dunn and Alan Judd, a guide on how to tail a spy by MI5’s top tradecraft man and a never before published Kim Philby report to the KGB’s Moscow Centre telling his Soviet masters everything that MI5 knew about Russian spies in Britain. 

There are more than forty spy stories in The Secret Agent’s Bedside Reader all bar Conrad’s written by former men who worked for the British intelligence services. It’s a brilliant Christmas present.