The Dictionary of Labour Quotations by Stuart Thomson

The Labour Conference is well underway and everyone is keeping a close eye on what the Reds are talking about. We’ve selected a handful of our favourite quotes from The Dictionary of Labour Quotations by Stuart Thomson to keep you informed and entertained.

Clement Attlee (1949)
‘I have none of the qualities which create publicity.’

Tony Blair (1997)
‘The children would love it if I had The Spice Girls around in the evening rather than John Prescott and Gordon Brown.’

Brian Clough (2004)
‘Of course I’m a Champagne Socialist. The difference between me and a good Tory is he keeps his money while I share mine.’

Harriet Harman (2007)
‘I am in the Labour Party because I am a feminist. I am in the Labour Party because I believe in equality.’

Gordon Brown (2009)
‘We are the Labour party and our abiding duty is to stand. And fight. And win. And serve.’

Ed Miliband (2010)
‘The new generation of Labour is different. Different attitudes, different ideas, different ways of doing politics.’

Ed Balls (2012)
‘The nature of politics, Dermot, is that the first minute or two really matters.’

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