The spending review came as a harsh blow to the majority of people in the UK yesterday, including those in the book industries, so we've been perking ourselves up with some Yes, Minister humour in the office.

This one's a good'n in light of the MOD cuts:

Sir Humphrey: Don't you believe that Great Britain should have the best?
Jim Hacker: Yes, of course.
Sir Humphrey: Very well, if you walked into a nuclear missile showroom you would buy the Trident - it's lovely, it's elegant,, it's beautiful. It is quite simply the best and Britain should have the best. In the world of the nuclear missile it is the Savile Row suit, the Rolls-Royce Corniche, the Chateau Lafite 1945. it is the nuclear missile Harrods would sell you. What more can I say?
Jim Hacker: Only that it costs £15 billion and we don't need it.
Sir Humphrey: Well, you can say that about anything at Harrods.

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