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Comprehensively updated new edition of the seminal guide to political campaigning at all levels.

In politics, there are no prizes for second place.

Luckily, seasoned campaign professionals Mark Pack and Edward Maxfield have distilled successful electoral tactics from around the globe into 101 bite-sized lessons to help steer you on the course to power. Learn how to pass the three-seconds test, why you should actually embrace online trolls, and why you must never, ever, forget the law of the left nostril.

Packed with advice and practical tips, this new, fully updated third edition of the classic political guide reveals the insider secrets and skills you need to make sure you’re in pole position on election day.

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“The book is broken up into short and sweet chapters, which makes it easier to digest and use as a reference guide…”


“A rattling good read.”


“This indispensable how-to guide – crammed as it is with inspirational quotes, practical wisdom and plenty of evidence of what works in the real world – won’t necessarily guarantee you victory, but it could significantly increase your chances! A must-read (as well as a fun read) for all campaigners.” 

Tim Bale, professor of politics, Queen Mary University of London

“This is a wonderful guide to the practical business of running and winning election campaigns – a series of short essays full of good sense and great sayings to inspire, motivate and make you think. Mark and Ed have produced an entertaining and useful handbook for anyone interested in how democracy works – and now they’ve produced a new, improved edition that is even better.”

John Rentoul, The Independent

“This book is a must-read for any campaigner or politico regardless of experience. It is full of interesting anecdotes as well as the latest research and best practice from around the world. I have used its wisdom at every step of my career. If you’re interested in winning elections this is the book for you!”

Layla Moran MP
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