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Ten years into the new millennium, and the high hopes are gone. The economy is in tatters, politicians are reviled; corporate business, the police, social workers, the health and educations systems, media, science and religion – all have undergone an unprecedented loss of public confidence in the wake of ongoing processes of decline, and high profile instances of greed, corruption and plain incompetence. Fifty years ago Michael Shanks wrote The Stagnant Society. Britain has now become the mistrustful society.

In this first serious response to the era of post financial and political meltdown, Seldon lays out a blueprint for regaining public trust. In part a wide-ranging meditation on notions of trust and responsibility in civic society, Trust is a powerful and important analysis of ten essential areas where trust in national life has broken down. Using examples from throughout the world and from history, it offers ten solutions for a better, more positive future.

In the absence of coherent political leadership on vital social issues, Trust looks at what each of the major parties have to offer, but also looks beyond politics to deliver a deeply considered and exhaustively researched recipe for social harmony and individual wellbeing.


(Trust) succeeds in fine style

Richard Reeves, Sunday Times

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  • 31 October 2011
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