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This remarkable book, edited by one of the UK’s leading political commentators, takes us on a deep dive into nearly 200 years of British political history through its most dramatic expression: the general election. The British general election is the linchpin of our liberal democracy, and its results are often fundamental to how we live.

With the next general election on the horizon, now is the perfect time to consider those that came before. From the general election of 1830, in which electoral reform was the centrepiece, to the so-called Brexit election of 2019, Iain Dale delivers a showcase of all 50 general election campaigns, with an essay for each of them penned by key political writers, including John Curtice, Julia Langdon, Simon Heffer, Peter Snow, Sue Cameron, Vernon Bogdanor, Adam Boulton and many others.

If you want to get to the heart of British politics and democracy, there is no greater guide than this meticulously researched, insightful and engaging collection.


“The great new book edited by Iain Dale, British General Election Campaigns 1830-2019, contains a brilliant chapter on the 1970 election by Michael Crick.” 

John Rentoul, The Independent

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