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Nine Crises combines the author’s memories of Chancellors of the Exchequer, Governors of the Bank of England, influential economists and Fleet Street legends with vignettes on nine major economic crises, to tell the story of how the British economy seems to lurch from one disaster to another but somehow survives, or at least until now.

In a book peppered with anecdotes and memories from the author’s widespread political connections, Keegan draws on his own unparalleled experience to explore, among others – the 1967 devaluation, the three-day week, Black Wednesday and the 2008 global financial crisis – and explains why the prospect of Brexit is potentially the biggest crisis he has witnessed in fifty years.

An important and timely book, as the spectre of Brexit poses an existential threat to a future of the British economy.


“‘History embraces everything,’ writes William Keegan, and there is no living journalist who embraces more history, and has been more closely engaged in it, than him. From the devaluation crisis of the 1960s to today’s Brexit crisis, he has known and observed all the key participants with unique insight and elegance, including every Chancellor and Governor of the Bank of England for fifty years. This is the memoir of the year.”

Andrew Adonis

“Anybody who wants to understand British economic history over the last fifty years should read this book. William Keegan had a ringside seat at every crisis from the 1967 devaluation to the 2016 referendum and he explains each of them with lucidity and wit. Keegan is Britain’s leading economic commentator. As a journalist who learnt his trade in the old Fleet Street, he has always maintained the highest standards of accuracy and integrity while also knowing how to enjoy a good lunch.”

Nicholas Macpherson

“Bill was reporting on the major economics events that have shaped our world before most of us were born. And he’s been more right in his commentary than any economic journalist I know. For facts, wit, insight and a ringside seat there’s no one to beat Bill Keegan.”

Ed Balls
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