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The Bank of England is a uniquely powerful, influential and secretive institution.  The decisions which  flow from its grand committee rooms affect everyone in Britain and many further afield. It is a hugely important cog in the machinery of government, the City of London and the global financial markets.  The Bank’s powers now extend far beyond its month-by-month direction of Britain’s monetary policy, to the stewardship of its banks and, on the wilder shores of economic policy, to multi-billion-pound interventions in its ailing economy and ballooning national debt.


Conaghan’s book is well worth reading

Alistair Darling MP, former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Total Politics

With its depth of source material and high quality of analysis dealing with a highly secretive and complex institution, Conaghan’s recent history of the Bank is timely, informative, and highly readable.

Alastair Hill, LSE Review of Books

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