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This revelatory account of how the Vatican saved thousands of Jews during the Second World War shows why history must re-assess ’Hitler’s Pope’. Accused of being ‘silent’ during the Holocaust, Pope Pius XII and the Vatican of World War II are now exonerated in The Pope’s Jews. Thomas’s careful research into new, first-hand accounts reveal an underground network of priests, nuns and citizens who risked their lives daily to protect Roman Jews.

Investigating assassination plots, conspiracies, and secret conversations, Thomas unveils faked documentation, quarantines, and more extraordinary actions taken by Catholics and the Vatican. The Pope’s Jews finally answers the great moral question of the war: Why did Pope Pius XII refuse to condemn the genocide of Europe’s Jews?


What is original is his way of utilising accounts of some eyewitnesses who have not been interviewed before. This provides a certain dramatic atmosphere to the story, as does his narrative style of describing the same events from several perspectives…Of particular interest is the author’s portrait of Israel Zolli.

Catholic Herald

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