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Nadeine Asbali would be the first to say that a scarf on a woman’s head doesn’t define her, but in her case, that’s a lie.

Nadeine’s life changed overnight. As a mixed-race teenager, she had unknowingly been passing as white her entire life: until she decided to wear the hijab. Then, in an instant, she went from being an unassuming white(ish) child to something sinister and threatening, perverse and foreign.

Veiled Threat is a sharp and illuminating examination of what it is to be a visibly Muslim woman in modern Britain, a nation intent on forced assimilation and integration and one that views covered bodies as primitive and dangerous. From being bombarded by racist stereotypes to being subjected to structural inequalities on every level, Nadeine asks why Muslim women are forced to contend with the twin oppressions of state-sanctioned Islamophobia and the unrelenting misogyny that fuels our world, all whilst being told by white feminists that they need saving.

Combining a passionate argument with personal experience, Veiled Threat is an indictment of a divided Britain that dominates and systematically others Muslim women at every opportunity.


“This is a must-read that will move, educate and inspire you.”


“A compelling exploration of how a piece of cloth can transform your role in the fabric of society. Nadeine Asbali skilfully navigates the complex interplay between fear, bias and security policies, like Prevent, to unveil the Islamophobia faced by visibly Muslim women and the demonisation of an entire community. From counter-terrorism to Turkey Twizzlers, this book enlightens and entertains simultaneously.”

Dr Layla Aitlhadj, director of Prevent Watch

Veiled Threat is more of an invitation than a threat. Nadeine Asbali presents, through vignettes of her life, some of the most pertinent and universal flashpoints in the lives of British Muslims. She expertly handles the varying issues of heritage, identity, Islam, racism, feminism, humanity, motherhood and even joy with thoughtfulness and insight. Despite some of the heavier topics covered, Nadeine’s unique narrative style makes this an enjoyable whilst informative read. An essential addition to school curricula and home libraries.”

Dr Sofia Rehman, author of A Treasury of ‘A’ishah

“As a visible Muslim and a dedicated doctor, Veiled Threat is a refreshing and eloquent testament to the nuanced challenges faced by Muslim women and men in modern-day Britain. Nadeine Asbali’s enquiries into the intricate intersections of misogyny and Islamophobia provide a profound understanding of the unique burdens borne by Muslim women, illustrating the systemic and institutional biases that disproportionately affect us. Her critique of white feminism is a vital contribution to the discourse on intersectionality, encouraging readers to engage in meaningful conversations about inclusivity and solidarity within the feminist movement. In addition, Nadeine’s exploration of social class as a compounding factor in experiences of Islamophobia enriches the narrative, painting a comprehensive picture of the challenges faced by Muslims across different socio-economic strata. This book not only resonates with my personal experiences but also advances the discourse on diversity, inclusion and the intricate intersections of Muslim identity. A must-read for anybody passionate about creating a more inclusive and informed society, promoting dialogue and solidarity across diverse communities.”

Dr Kiran Rahim, paediatrician and Instagram educator

“A powerful journey into the complexities of identity and visibility as a Muslim woman in contemporary Britain. Nadeine Asbali, with poignant honesty, explores the impact of societal expectations and the intersectionality of Islamophobia and misogyny. Through vivid anecdotes and incisive observations, Veiled Threat challenges stereotypes, exposing the struggle of being perceived as an outsider in one’s own home. It’s a compelling study of resilience, sisterhood and the profound influence of the hijab on one’s sense of self.”

Rabina Khan, writer and former Liberal Democrat councillor
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