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In 2011, Apple officially became the most valuable company of all time.
iPod, iPad, iTunes, App Store… the list goes on. Apple’s must-have products add up to one giant success story.

So what’s their secret? What makes Apple the most innovative company on the planet? The answer: Apple does exactly the opposite of what any other company would do.
Unlike the competition, Apple develops devices and programs by concentrating on a small number of functions. Forget complex market analyses.

Forget asking customers to help develop products. And, unlike Google and other internet giants, it wants you to pay for them. Apple combines traditional business thinking with the endless opportunities of the digital age. In this brave new world where brands and products are dragged into the opinion marketplace, What Would Apple Do? (short and sweet, just how Apple would do a book) brilliantly and concisely reveals how you can learn from Apple to develop compelling business ideas and market them successfully.


A smart book... Like the concept of Apple itself, it’s deceptively simply written and rather good.

Evening Standard

Beckmann… rattles through the business tactics that make Apple unique. For instance, it rates design as highly as cutting-edge functionality. A good one, perhaps, to read on your iPad.

The Times

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