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On both sides of the Atlantic, the political environment has taken an us into unchartered territory.

On one side, reality star turned political leader Donald Trump presides over a turbulent Twitter presidency. Meanwhile at home, the UK remains deeply embroiled in a polarising and uncertain Brexit process.

With reality looking stranger than fiction, London Book & Screen Week welcomes Jonathan Lynn, co-creator of the phenomenally successful Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister to discuss the modern political landscape and the role of satire today. The multi award-winning writer, director and producer, who adapted the show for print and stage, will be in conversation with author, broadcaster, political pundit and award-winning comedian Ayesha Hazarika.

400 years since the first UK pilgrims settled in America and 40 years after the show first aired, they will discuss the parallels between UK and US politics, and the tour de force of political satire that remains relevant still today.

Ticket includes a complimentary drink.

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