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The story of Joan Ruddock, born in the Welsh valleys, who came to lead one of Britain’s biggest protest movements, and went on to address the United Nations and become an MP and minister, is remarkable.

After her election to the Commons in 1987, Joan held three consecutive shadow portfolios and, by 1997, was thought to be on the fast track to high office. Why, then, did Blair pass her over in his first round of appointments, leaving her ‘going nowhere’?

Going Nowhere charts the course of a public and political career from early radicalism and success, through personal tragedy, to significant ministerial office and an ultimate return to the freedom of life on the back benches.

“This is the memoir of a pioneer. Joan was a woman ahead of her time … Future generations who read this memoir will learn a great deal about how to make progressive change.” - Harriet Harman

“From Pontypool to Privy Council, Joan Ruddock has proved to be bright, brave, determined, principled – and modest. All of that shines through in this perceptive, candid chronicle of her life and our times.” - Neil Kinnock

Recital Room, Blackheath Halls
TICKETS: £10 including a glass of wine

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