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Attentive observers of the past ten years of British politics may not have heard of Kaya Mar, but chances are they will have seen one of his pictures – at a rally, or in an agency photograph syndicated around the world, or via a viral tweet. His paintings in oils are unlikely pearls of surreal satire, gleaming in the murky political waters in which we find ourselves: a kaleidoscopic gallery of the clowns, mountebanks and villains in charge, stripped of their self-importance and thrown overboard.

Naked Ambition: 100 Pictures of the Present Crisis (Biteback), edited and introduced by the LRB’s Sam Kinchin-Smith, is the first proper account of the work of a cult figure around Westminster, promoted by recent events to the status of national treasure: a satirist laureate for Brexit Britain. To celebrate its publication, Mar will paint a new picture of the latest crisis live in the Bookshop – and sign copies of his book – from 2 p.m. or so, until it’s finished.  

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